Iain MacGregor

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‘A lively, evocative account of the life and death of the world’s most notorious wall. In capturing the essence of the old Cold War he may just have helped us to understand a bit more about the new one’

The Times

‘The sheer brutal intimacy of his descriptions of the fighting are extraordinary.’

Frederick Taylor

‘Stunning. History at its very best: a blend of impeccably researched scholarship, genuinely revelatory primary sources, and a beautifully written narrative.’

James Holland

‘An authoritative and unforgettable insight into the decisive days of that most terrible struggle on the banks of the Volga.’

Jonathan Dimbleby

‘Captures brilliantly and comprehensively both the danger and exhilaration that I and other reporters, soldiers, and people experienced intersecting with the wall – a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the Europe we have inherited’

Jon Snow

About Iain

Iain is a successful editor of non fiction for major publishing houses, working with talented and bestselling historians such as Michael Wood, Simon Schama, William Taubman, Alice Roberts and John Nichol – as well as publishing tie-ins with archives and podcasts such as the Imperial War Museum and R4’s ‘In  Our Time’ series with Melvyn Bragg. He is also a writer and public speaker on modern history, with pieces in the Guardian, BBC History Magazine, the Spectator and the Washington Post. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He lives with his family in London.

Personal message

Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

The subject of history, publishing bestselling historians, broadcast media and writing my own books are what I love. Since 2019 I have researched and written three books: Checkpoint Charlie (Constable), U.S. Civil WarBattle by Battle (Osprey Publishing) and my most recent The Lighthouse of Stalingrad (Constable) where I was fortunate to gain entry to Russian archives for research during the recent lockdown of 2020-21. I am now deep into research for a new book which will focus on the war in the Pacific 1941-45.

Post lockdown, I have enjoyed giving many lectures to students, museums and at literary festivals. If you study my Upcoming Events section, you will see where I will be giving talks and presentations in 2023. Please also look out for my appearance in Dan Snow’s History Hit documentary: Hitler & Stalin – which is launched now as well as The Rest is History podcast with Tom Holland & Dominic Sandbrook.

All best wishes and look forward to hearing from you!



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